New project Zero will soon give all iOS 11.3.1

As the portal iPhoneHacks, the new project Zero will give all the users of iPhone and iPad long-awaited iOS 11.3.1.

iOS 11 much struck by the jailbreak: hackers long to find a loophole in the system. And now the mechanism CoolStar Electra – the only way to crack iOS 11 – 11.1.2. However, it turned out that the guys do not give up.

“If you are interested in hacking and setting up your own iOS kernel, do not upgrade to iOS 11.4 for tfp0,” tweeted the head of project Zero Jan PIR. “Maybe the jailbreak will be available this week”.

Hack was only able 11.3.1 iOS, because Apple corrected all the errors and shut down vulnerabilities in iOS 11.4. It is very likely that in the coming days the company will stop signing the old version, then no one will be able to revert to iOS 11.3.1. Therefore, if a user interested in jailbreaking your device – you need to hurry.

There is another good news for all fans of hacking gadgets: soon CoolStar Electra will be updated and will support iOS 11.3.1. Unfortunately, it is likely that so will the JB exclusively iPhone and iPad with A9 chip.

This means that Electra will be available only to owners of iPhone 6 and older devices. Support iPhone 7 and latest devices to be displayed.

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