New update for the popular pedometer Pedometer++

Popular application for measuring the distance traveled Pedometer++ has a system of achievements and an updated widget.

The achievement system is a set of virtual badges that the user receives for the achievement of goals. For example, a badge for the continuous series can be obtained if every day for a month to pass a certain number of steps. Badge will be added to the list of achievements. By clicking on it, you will know exactly when and how many times the objectives were achieved.

The application developer has promised to add more decals in the future updates. Ideas for them, he is going to ask the users themselves.

Slightly changed widget app. Now in basic form it shows the number of steps, distance and number of floors. In the expanded view widget shows the same but in the form of hourly chart.

App Pedometer++ was developed by David Smith in 2013, specifically for the iPhone 5s with the M7 motion sensor. Pedometer is free and available for download on iPhone and iPod touch.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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