News Apple, issue 144: iOS 9.3, new pictures in the App Store and WWDC 2016

Presenting your attention the 144th edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the rumors about the refusal of the strategy of release of annual updates of iOS, the new prices in the App Store, WWDC 2016 and more!

1. In the near future Apple will open the first ever development Center application for iOS called App Center. It will be located on the West coast of Italy to Naples. It is expected that the school will be a real smithy of talents for capable students under the supervision of equally talented teachers will be able to create real masterpieces of software.

2. Recently Apple has officially confirmed that appears earlier hearing that mobile advertising service iAd is closed. The reason there may be several: perhaps iAd simply could not withstand the competition and the company failed to attract advertisers. And maybe the closure of the iAd is a natural progress within a large and cunning plan by Apple to release iOS from advertising.

3. This week Apple released a brand new app for their mobile devices. It was created for musicians and songwriters and Music called Memos. The app will allow musicians to create audio recordings, or to be more precise, it is possible to make audio notes to every good idea could turn into a song. Music Memos now available in App Store for free.

4. This Tuesday, Apple has pleased Mac users and owners of mobile devices based on iOS. In Cupertino have released an update for their software, which fixed some bugs and errors. 9.2.1 iOS and OS X 10.11.3 available and recommended for all users.

5. If you don’t purchase your favorite apps (and in-app purchases in games), when there were only rumors about the increase of prices in the Russian App Store, we have some not great news. On 20 January, Apple has officially raised the prices in its app store, and we can see new price tags.

So, instead of 59 rubles boasted a 75 out of the 119 rubles ā€” 149 and so on. On average, prices rose 20 %, while “anti-crisis” price tags 15 and 29 rubles disappeared. Has also changed the subscription price ā€” a lot of them have been cancelled, so the users adopted a new pricing policy, otherwise from Apple it would be a wrong step. I am glad that the subscription price for Apple Music in Russia remained unchanged, although in the past it was clear that she, apparently from the dollar against the ruble.

In addition to Russia, the cost of programs in the App Store has grown also in Israel, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. I want to believe that this is the last price change in a big way this year.

6. Released last week, iOS 9.3 beta has introduced a lot of interesting features. However, oddly enough, the main feature of the firmware were not so-called “night mode” or password protection application Notes, and a likely turnaround in the development of mobile “OSes”.

According to the statement of Western analysts, the release of iOS 9.3 will be truly iconic and possibly the last major system update. Most likely Apple has decided to abandon the usual strategy of issuing a global versions of iOS, focusing on the development of minor updates. Because annual releases are really big and somewhat revolutionary firmware simply exhausted.

The most obvious proof of this step, the company’s analysts see a separate page on the official website of Apple on the IOS with an index of 9.3. Previously, such privileges were given only to “full-fledged” September updates.

7. Every year for a long time, Apple holds its WWDC conference for developers where is the new iOS, OS X, and many other products of the Corporation. When will she place this year?

Apple has not officially announced the date of WWDC 2016, but the portal MacRumors have managed to find out the estimated time period ā€” from 13 to 17 June. The fact that the conference will be held at the Moscone Center, and all other dates in June are already “clogged” by other companies. So if Apple decided to transfer the event to another location, this is the only available time.

It is not known whether presented at the conference the new iOS, but Apple, obviously, will cook for you something interesting. as always will be broadcast live the long-awaited event.

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Clifton Nichols

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