News Apple, issue 145: Apple Car, Apple Watch and 2 financial results

We present to your attention the 145th edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the rumors about the Apple car project, financial results for the first quarter of 2016, the rumors about the mini-camera for Apple Watch 2 and more!

1. This week a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted a steady increase in the share of Apple notebooks in 2016, which will provide the June presentation at the WWDC. It should be presented to a new generation of laptops. It is expected that this time Apple will focus on enhancing the autonomy of laptops that can provide built on 14-nm process technology Intel processors.

2. The other day the owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac computers are under threat. Some of the developers wanted to have fun, and hackers have launched a special website, a visit which causes a malfunction not only Apple, but also Android devices, forcing them to restart.

3. Judging by the latest reports, the implementation of the so-called project “Titan”, in which Apple developing its own car at the moment is under threat. Initially it was expected that the development of innovative vehicle will be completed by 2019, however, many now recognize that Tim cook put in front of his command too ambitious a task.

Initially, the media was told that to accomplish Apple decided to work with traditional automakers, such as BMW. And recently the Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple out of Steve Sadecki, who was called the head of the project “Titan”.

He joined the company in 1999, having worked before that in Ford. Despite the fact that for 16 years at Apple, he managed to lay a hand in the creation of the iPod and the iPhone, in the last two years, the company has exploited its experience in the automotive industry. However, recent developments suggest that his work in this position was not particularly successful. However Sadecki himself explains his personal reasons for leaving, which is not surprising.

4. This week held a regular telephone conference, where Apple CEO Tim cook and CFO Luca Maestri reported the results of Apple for the first fiscal quarter of 2016, which includes the last three months of last year. So, the company’s revenue increased by us $ 1.3 billion and reached 76 billion. Net profit also rose slightly and was equal to 18.4 billion dollars.

As for device sales, the number of iPhone increased only slightly, by just 200,000 units. Sales of the iPad and Mac and they went down, which of course, can not fail to disappoint investors. Unfortunately, iPad Pro Apple helped to rehabilitate themselves in the tablet market.

Tim cook also shared some interesting statistics with regards to the Apple services. So the income from them amounted to $ 6 billion (instead of the 4.8 billion a year earlier). Apple Music for over 10 million subscribers. And the number of apps for Apple TV more than 3 500.

5. The information vacuum around the Apple Watch 2 is gradually filled more and more intriguing guesses and rumors. And if the timing of the anticipated start of production of the gadget practically leave no doubt, the list of innovations innovations still remains a mystery. In addition to the FaceTime camera.

Published this week a patent, the ownership of which belongs to Apple, confirms the plans of the engineers for creating a truly unique PV panel. The invention is for a miniature lens, the axial length of which does not exceed 2 mm. Having a spherically curved sensor and a set of three lenses, the module capable of wide-angle shots in high resolution.

Despite the fact that the purpose of the camera has been kept secret, it fits perfectly into the concept of FaceTime via the Apple Watch 2. Yes and a lot of speculation and speculation only confirm the commitment of experts from Cupertino to equip the watch.

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