News Apple, issue 149: Siri in OS X and Apple against the FBI

Presenting your attention the 149th edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the new details of the confrontation between Apple and the FBI, the emergence of Siri in OS X, and more!

1. This week Apple updated the software for the cover-keyboard is Smart Keyboard, which is used by the owners of iPad Pro. The update is intended to solve the problem of spontaneous Wake the tablet from time to time. The company does not mention about the correction of other errors in the Smart Keyboard. In particular, many users complain that the shortcut Command+Tab doesn’t always lead to opening the menu polysemy.

2. Last Wednesday Steve jobs would have turned 61 years old. On February 24, 1955, the future founder of Apple was born. Largely it is to him we owe the many products and devices, without which it is impossible to imagine our life. Unfortunately, many great people leave early, and even imagine that Steve could do with Apple now.

3. Apple listened to its users and extended warranty program for MacBook Pro experiencing video-related issues. Now to repair the laptop at an authorized service center Apple expires December 31, 2016. Covered by the program 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro sold in 2011 — 2013. In most cases Apple simply prefers to change to new laptops, and only in some cases — to repair the device.

4. Last week Apple filed three suits in the court by the Russian customs. This is according to the online indexes “Electronic justice”. So far, the content of the statements remains secret, but it is not excluded that in case of a new duty on a smart watch, which custom has introduced in the end of 2015. Because it producers are forced to pay even 10% of the value of the goods.

5. What he thinks about the conflict between Apple and the FBI Tim cook, until now was known only from his open letter to intelligence agencies. But the head of the “Apple” giant decided to go a step further and recently gave an interview to TV channel ABC News.

According to cook, to obtain the information needed by the FBI, is only possible using special software — creating a backdoor. The consequences of the presence of such BY Tim equates to cancer, but not only for Apple but for all users in the world. Because then the security forces are not to stop on reached, and to demand, for example, incorporate software to spy on users.

In support of this, Western media claim that the FBI is failing to get access to one iPhone, Apple already requires assistance in hacking nine smartphones. Tim cook is absolutely not accept such a development and even going to discuss the matter personally with President Barack Obama.

In addition, although Apple officially is not confirmed, the company can work on additional protection for the iPhone and iPad from breaking. On relevant developments became known to The New York Times. According to the publication, the new protection level will make hacking impossible even iPhone by creating a backdoor.

Recall that Apple has joined other tech giants, including Google and Facebook, although there were also those who took the side of special services — for example, bill gates. Case “Apple vs the FBI” has become one of the most resonant in the last few years.

6. Voice assistant Siri has long existed as “chips”, only devices running iOS. However, since last year, she began to conquer new platforms. Siri then settled in tvOS and watchOS, while learning a few useful tricks. Now in the Network appeared rumors about the emergence of voice assistant in the new OS X.

For the first time the media began to talk back in 2012, when the iOS version – quite frankly – have worked very badly. During this period, according to the insiders, Apple’s developers have “customized” functionality under the Siri user interface desktop OS and prepare for its imminent release.

It is expected that Siri will come on at Macy’s to update to OS X 10.12, which will be presented during the July conference WWDC 2016. Distinguishing characteristics the assistant informed sources said to its intended location on top of the status bar. Cause Siri can be a standard phrase “Hey, Siri!” when connected to a power source.

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