News Apple, issue 150: Increase in the App Store and iPhone 7

We present to your attention the 150th edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the confrontation between Tim cook and the FBI, the rumors about the iPhone 7, the rise of apps in the App Store, and more!

1. As it became known this week that Apple is working on an entirely new Photo application for iOS and OS X 10 10.12. The program will be updated with new useful features, for example, EXIF editor, extra tools photo editing mobile app, the ability to edit specific elements in the picture, and other.

2. Following the slight strengthening of the ruble on the stock markets of the full-sized iPad Pro in Russia is considerably cheaper. But, unfortunately, not everywhere. So, in “the Messenger” price professional tablet from Apple, fell as much as 5 000 rubles for the version in the base configuration. The cost of the older models remained at the same level. Prices decreased also in “Yulmart” and “Technosila”, but not so significantly.

3. According to the number of Western lawyers, lawsuits Apple and the FBI could end in failure for Tim cook. In case of refusal to comply with court orders, he could face a judicial conclusion.

Because cook is responsible for Apple’s legal actions with the police, he will answer to them. If the court decides in favor of the FBI, but Apple will not comply, the CEO can go to prison, including on charges of aiding terrorists.

In this case will not help him post a high and privileged position. Furthermore, in addition to cook, before the court can be brought and other top managers of Apple that do not support the creation of a backdoor.

So if the court decides not in favor of Apple, the company will have to comply. However, one should not forget that cook himself intimately acquainted with U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife, so the likelihood of his imprisonment, most likely, exaggerated.

4. Last week in first reading the state Duma adopted the so-called “tax on Google” in which foreign companies selling in Russia the software through online shops, will be subject to VAT at 18%. It would be foolish to expect that this decision will not have a negative impact on pricing.

Under the law, which will annually replenish the country’s budget is 50 billion roubles, will fall the App Store, Google Play Market and other online app stores. In this case the additional tax will hit first of all by software developers. And they will be forced to lay in a new program this tax so as not to suffer losses. And this inevitably will adjust the price upwards.

Representatives of the IT industry called the bill a controversial and require further development. It is expected that the second reading will be made some amendments taking into account the wishes of the industry. However, we can hardly expect that a principled decision to impose additional tax will be cancelled.

5. Despite the hype around the upcoming “budget” iPhone 5se, Apple fans are no less excited waiting for the release of new flagship models of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But what will be the most “killer-feature” that will make us run to the stores to get new products?

The majority of leaks gives reason to expect that new iPhone will get dual camera which should be higher to raise the bar for quality mobile photography. It is not excluded that the decision will be equipped with only an iPhone 7 Plus is by analogy with the fact that 6s Plus has optical image stabilization unlike the younger model.

However, such a significant difference in the cameras of the two smartphones will give the prerequisites in order to classify them in different categories. For this reason, some analysts predict that the new smartphone from Apple will be called iPhone 7 Pro as dual camera will make the phone able to create content on a different level.

Well, it would not have called the new flagship smartphone from Apple, we are waiting for its release anxiously, and will share with you all the rumours that appear in the vast web.

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