News Apple, issue 153: the New MacBook Pro, the success of iPhone SE and the FBI against Apple

We present to your attention the 153rd edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the rumors about the new MacBook Pro, the iPhone success SE new turn in the confrontation between the FBI and Apple and more!

1. Judging by the recent find of a Portuguese programmer in the source code of the operating system OS X 10.11.4, desktop operating system may soon be renamed to macOS. Thus, it is seamlessly integrated into a new system of naming Apple, according to which the OS name corresponds to the name of devices on which it runs. So the device that starts with “i”, work on iOS smart watch Apple Watch and the fourth generation of Apple TV equipped software platforms watchOS and tvOS, respectively.

2. This week Apple released a new browser for developers, which was named Safari Technology Preview. It will allow developers to experiment with the web technologies of the future. To install the browser, you can now, while it can exist on your computer along with the regular version of Safari.

3. After the huge outburst of dissatisfaction of users regarding the problems with opening links in Safari in iOS 9.3 software engineers Apple went to work and seems to have corrected this unfortunate mistake. Thursday to download became available a fresh update for a number 9.3.1.

4. Recently, the largest partner of Apple, Foxconn, has acquired the Japanese company Sharp for $ 3.5 billion. For Apple Sharp valuable because it is engaged in the production of displays for iPhone. In practical terms, the deal would mean the elimination of unnecessary link in the process of production and, as a consequence ā€” reducing the associated risks.

5. A week later after it became known that the security services have found a way to unlock iPhone 5c “California arrow” without the help of Apple, the U.S. justice Department has officially confirmed that he was withdrawing his claim of providing a backdoor to access the contents of your device. This is a reinforcement of the argument of the prosecution on the fact that the FBI needed assistance in unlocking the device, rather than creating “alternative versions of iOS” mentioned by Tim cook in his open letter.

According to the FBI, the government successfully gained access to data stored on iPhone the terrorist, and therefore no longer needs the help of Apple.

However, recently it became known that the FBI could not dwell on this and prepares to hack into another iPhone. This time the victim of hacking will be accused of committing a serious crime, 18-year-old hunter Drexler, iPhone which can contain a range of information about unsolved case episodes. In addition, the material appears seized from alleged accomplice Drexler iPod Touch, also subject to hacking. Information about possible ways of penetration “inside” the device, as well as the installed operating system version yet.

6. When Apple introduced the new iPhone SE, analysts have unanimously started talking that the new product is doomed to failure, because a four-year design and modern filling cannot have any claim. However, the published statistics on pre-orders iPhone SE indicates the unsoundness of these predictions.

China alone already pre-order the new iPhone 3.4 million, with 1.3 million smartphones in the “gold” color, and another 1.2 million are in the color “rose gold”. The same agiotage was observed only after the presentation of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: the Chinese then ordered six million smartphones, but it was about two models.

It is unknown how many iPhone SE pre-order worldwide, but it is unlikely the total will be less than 10 million units. Who after this will say that “reincarnation” iPhone 5s no longer needed?

7. While we look forward to the new MacBook Pro Retina in June, the designers are already spreading in the Network options of the appearance of the new laptop from Apple. Among them the well-known concept designer Martin Haeka. He took the appearance of a MacBook, but also borrowed something from the MacBook Air ā€” for example, reducing the thickness of the laptop from the display to the opposite edge.

As you can see in the renderings, to the left of the “new” MacBook Pro Retina, there are three USB-C, right, another, and two microphone, slot for cards SD and audio Jack 3.5 mm. It is sure that Apple will abandon Thunderbolt and USB in favor of more modern technologies.

Curious how this appearance will affect the power of the computer ā€” now Apple is positioning the MacBook Pro Retina as a “machine for professionals”. And the name of the new line still remains a mystery.

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