News Apple, issue 154: SE iPhone and a new iPad Pro in Russia

We present to your attention the 154th edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the start of sales of iPhone SE and the new iPad Pro and Russia, the cost of manufacturing iPhone SE and more!

1. Recently Facebook owned messenger, WhatsApp has received an update, in which the correspondence of a billion users is fully encrypted. This encryption is through, that is both the sender and the recipient. This means that messages will only be visible to the participants of the dialogue, and their interception will be impossible for law enforcement authorities, for the application developers.

2. The next generation Magic Mouse may gain Force Touch. This is evidenced by a new patent Apple registered company by this week. Actually re-designed system of sensors and sensors make the mouse control more intuitive, its powerful, and the body ā€“ feels more solid than. By refraining from physical keys engineers expect to gain more functionality with slightly increased consumption for the production of peripherals.

3. Apple is going to pay even more attention to the environment and from April 15 plans to abandon plastic bags, which are Packed buy from Apple store, in favor of paper bags, made of 80 % recycled materials. In addition, now employees of retail stores should explain to buyers the importance of caring for the environment if the visitor decides to refuse a paper bag.

4. The new campus Apple is already in the final stages of construction. Working actively installing glass panels, the construction of conference halls and Parking lots. Pass space the campus plan by the end of this year. It will accommodate up to 13,000 employees, to occupy an area of 26 hectares, have multiple underground Parking garages, restaurants and, if you believe the rumors, even his own branch of the subway.

5. As promised, last Tuesday, April 5, has officially begun sales of the new iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro in our country. If you haven’t already pre-purchase the new devices from Apple, you can come into any store-the partner of the company and purchase desired gadgets.

Pre-orders for the new products launched on March 29, but no official data on the number of ordered devices retailers are not reported. However, it makes little sense to expect record sales, because the so-called “budget” iPhone SE in Russia is sold at not cheap price-38 000 rubles, and the new iPad Pro significantly increased value compared to its 9.7-inch predecessor, the iPad Air second generation.

Meanwhile, in the official online Apple store since then, all available for pre-order iPhone SE were sold out, the situation has not changed. If you order the smartphone today, to deliver its promise only through two-three weeks. But with the delivery of the new iPad Pro is no problem to bring it within one working day.

6. SE the new iPhone, despite ambiguous forecasts of analysts, received a very acceptable price tag of 399 $ for the basic version, becoming the most affordable iPhone ever. The financial cost of the Apple for the smartphone was much lower than those that were spent on the iPhone 5s.

The analysis of the research organization IHS revealed that the cost of the new components with a storage capacity of 16GB does not exceed $ 160. The 64-Gigabyte version costs Apple $ 10 more expensive, which enables it to make the model in the top-end configuration is more: because the retail price is $ 499.

The expected low cost of the device is ensured by the use of a number of “legacy” components that allowed the company to save money. For example, a 4-inch Retina display manufactured by Japan Display, made for iPhone 5s, currently estimated to be two times cheaper ā€“ only $ 20 compared to 41 in 2013. And the surplus warehouse compact buildings and not the release of the iPhone 5s have allowed the company to further reduce their costs.

Recall that the cost of the iPhone 5 was $ 168 USD, iPhone 5s ā€“ 191, and the iPhone 6s Plus is 236 dollars.

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