News Apple, issue 155: sales of Mac computers, iPhone 7, and Telegram

We present to your attention the 155th edition news program “news Apple” with our new host Masha! Today we will talk about the statistics of Mac sales, the rumors about the iPhone 7, possible removal of the app Telegram and more!

1. According to insider information, this year Apple abandon further development of the MacBook Air, preferring them to be more productive, but no less elegant and thin MacBook Pro with Retina display. Therefore the company will kill two birds with one stone, abandoning the outdated concept of “air” laptop, as well as increasing the difference between mobile and laptops for professional work.

2. Although we were almost completely sure that the iPhone 5c is the so-called “California arrow” was hacked by company Cellebrite at the request of the FBI, are recent reports that in fact it was not. According to the Washington Post American intelligence agencies had paid an unnamed group of hackers some money for developing the exploit that helped to unlock the phone terrorist. What exactly is the attackers found the vulnerability and reported it to Apple, sources are not reported.

3. As it became known this week, the new mobile operating system iOS 10 can get new Emoji. Among them, for example, the selfie, handshake, crossed fingers, the dancing man, a variety of vegetables, and many others. A total of 74 pieces.

4. Recently Apple is spoiling us with new commercials. This time the company has released 7 new 15-second video on the Apple Watch. Each of them tells about one particular hours, and the situation in which it may be useful. All videos published on the YouTube channel of Apple and allow to evaluate the convenience of using Apple Watch.

5. Despite the blocking of websites that distribute illegal content, advanced users have already found other ways to download pirate movies or reading pirate books. One such method is to use bots to messenger Telegram, which drew attention of the Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet. In particular, we are talking about the bot that distributes books at the request of the user.

The Association has already approached Apple and Google, putting in the corporations that in the App Store and Play Market have applications that distribute pirated content. However, she asked the developers to remove the bot, but if this does not happen — will seek to remove the program from the app store. If this request were not granted, the Association will send the claim to the Moscow city court.

6. Agency IDC published the results of market research showed a steady increase in the share of Mac in the PC market against the background of General stagnation. According to statistics, the decline of performance of the Windows PC was much more significant than a year earlier. Maki, by contrast, has significantly expanded its influence beyond the niche of premium devices.

The total increase in the share of the Mac by the end of March 2016 amounted to almost 7.5% compared with the previous 7, providing Apple fourth place in the ranking of PC manufacturers. And here is the current market leader in the face of Lenovo lost more than 8%, which, however, has not shaken his positions. Second and third place was taken by HP and Dell, having lost 11 and 2 percent of sales, respectively.

As for predictions regarding Apple company’s prospects look pretty rosy, and the imminent release of the updated MacBook models only fuels the interest of consumers.

7. A couple of months ago, the network appeared the images of the alleged back of the iPhone 7. Then their originality spawned a lot of questions, and disseminated the resource did not cause the slightest trust. But this week Japanese publication MacOtakara has said that a picture is a completely original script of one of the prototypes of the upcoming trends.

If these journalists are true, iPhone 7 will actually receive is very similar to iPod Touch 6 case. In addition, the novelty will get a display of True Tone, which was first applied to 9.7 inch iPad Pro, and will lose the usual audiogeek. It will replace the redesigned Lightning port and headphone EarPods new generation, which, however, can be wireless. The vacant place will be a second stereo speaker, able to provide the smartphone a more qualitative and loud sound.

The most unusual innovation of the iPhone 7 will be a magnetic connector Smart Connector that made its debut in “full-size” iPad Pro. Probably it can be a link in the process of wireless charging of the smartphone, which the company employs for a long time. As for dual camera module, it is likely to become available with a 5.5-inch flagship in the face of iPhone 7 Plus, which is also called iPhone Pro.

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