News Apple, issue 159: New rumors about iPhone 7 and closing the iTunes Store

Presenting your attention the 159 th edition of the news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the new rumors about the iPhone 7, the possible closure of the iTunes Store, and more!

1. This week in the Network has published a new Apple patent, which means the software is designed to turn your iPhone into a paintball gun or laser tag. You point the smartphone camera at buddy, catch it on the fly display of sight and click on the virtual trigger. After that his smartphone is connected to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, vibrate, on the screen of your iPhone displays points earned for a lucky shot. Well, maybe soon in the App Store you should wait for the new smash hit from Apple.

2. On Thursday, the Instagram app received major update, now available in the App Store. What has changed? First of all the icon ā€” now it’s not protruding camera, and a schematic depiction of a camera on a rainbow background. In addition, updated the design of the app ā€” it was flat, minimalistic and very unusual.

3. After more than 5 years since the release of smart cover, Apple decided to rethink the Smart Cover. According to the patent, the cover of the new generation can get not only solar panels, but she will act as a touch screen. And thanks to compatibility with connector Smart Connector, the cover will be able to get information directly from your tablet and display the most important information directly on its surface. Not without handwriting, which will also learn to recognize the Smart Cover.

4. Company VoIP-Pal sent against Apple’s claim in the amount of $ 2.8 billion, accusing it of violating patents related to the services iMessage and Wi-Fi Calling. Namely, the abovementioned technologies such as “classification of callers and forwarding scheme”.

5. With the advent of the Apple Music the need for the existence of the iTunes Store is in question. And according to Digital Music News, Apple is considering the possibility of closing the iTunes store either for two years or for a longer period. While the report said that Apple have no doubt of the need to close the store. However, it should be noted that in a statement to Recode, Apple denied the report, calling it false.

The second option is to add the ability to purchase albums and songs directly to Apple Music. We are waiting for the app update music service, which apparently will present at WWDC 2016. So the music store could move into the Apple Music app. Surely Apple will find in their systems and a new place to sell movies and other content.

It is worth noting that a lot of people still prefer to buy music on iTunes because, unlike the service subscription purchased music will stay with them forever. Also, not all albums and songs that you can buy in iTunes, available to listen to Apple Music. According to Bloomberg, iTunes still brings much more profit than Apple Music.

6. Despite the recent ban on the sale of refurbished iPhone in India, in coming years this country will be a huge number of smartphones Apple. The fact that Foxconn is close to signing an agreement on the construction in the Indian state of Maharashtra plant, which will produce iPhone. The site, which claims to manufacturing partner of Apple, has an impressive area of about 500 hectares, and the project allocated about $ 10 billion.

At the moment, the prospects for the transaction depend on the Indian government, which must give its approval to her signing. According to sources at Foxconn, if the agreement will be signed in the near future, the plant will be operational in six years. What iPhone model will be produced at this plant, is still unknown.

7. Recently unconfirmed iPhone 7 images shared by French site Nowhereelse noted earlier, a series of authentic publications. Presented figure demonstrates very similar in appearance to the iPhone 6s, the smartphone is pointing between the and dimensions of the proposed novelties, which exactly correlate with the performance of the current flagship.

The data on the thickness of the iPhone 7 are not available, which allows you to think about changing it in a big way. This is evidenced by the convex hole of the main camera, the quality of which must be substantially enhanced. Nothing even remotely similar to double PV panel is not in sight. Magnetic connector Smart Connector is also missing.

Interestingly, a new sketch is absolutely not correlated with the previously submitted drawings. Similar inconsistencies may hint at a few things, unlike other other devices or even to be a usual engineering samples for internal testing.

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