News Apple, issue 186: higher prices in the App Store and the success of Apple Music

Presenting your attention the 186th edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple. Today we will talk about new information about the mysterious Apple car, the higher prices in the App Store, and more!

1. According to the report of the analytical company Pathmatics, last year Apple spent on advertising on digital channels is about 100 million dollars! And that’s just in the USA! For comparison, the cost of Samsung promotion competing with the iPhone, iPad and Mac devices amounted to only $ 32 million. Thus wasting the company from Cupertino on marketing higher than those of the South Korean giant is more than three times. And that does not include advertising in search results and social networks.

2. This week Apple published its annual ranking of the best apps the App Store. So, the “App” for iPhone in the opinion of the company was Prisma — a program for processing the original images using neural networks. The title of best game was awarded to Royale Clash from Supercell. Despite the fact that it is a card game, the fans she has collected a lot. The full list of nominees can be found on the main page in the App Store.

3. The price of apps in the App Store can grow from January 1, 2017. A letter about the price increase in Russia next year, last week sent to users and developers, Google, followed a similar act can make and Apple.

In June 2016, the state Duma adopted a law on the so-called “tax on Google” — he obliges foreign IT-companies to pay VAT from the sale of digital content, software, services, storage and processing of information in Russia. Despite the name, the law affects not only Google, but Apple, Microsoft and other large corporations.

Google has warned users about the inclusion of VAT in the price of the service “Google Drive” and the developers said that the tax will be added to all paid applications and a built-in shopping.

Unfortunately, soon on the same step has to go and the Russian representative office of Apple. The company must register with the Russian tax service and to pay VAT from the sale of content in Russia. This will affect not only the App Store and iTunes store, as well as the cost of “cloud” storage iCloud. While Apple has not commented on the execution of the law on “tax on Google”.

4. The total number of paid subscribers Apple Music has exceeded 20 million, according to the authoritative edition of Billboard. For the last three months the growth of users was about 15%, providing the service the title of one of the most popular and profitable products of Apple.

Release Apple Music, held about fifteen years ago, was fraught with difficulties and a whole barrage of criticism that promised service soon collapse and oblivion. But he “shot”. So much so that competitors had to urgently look for ways to attract more audience.

But according to the Vice-President of Apple software eddy cue, the company would like to grow even faster, because the scale of the industry 20 million subscribers – a negligible figure.

According to statistics, the majority of subscribers Apple Music (50%) refused to purchase music in iTunes and rent it. Such a relationship between artist and listener is attractive to both sides, providing one of them is more or less a stable income, and the other is a rich selection of songs available without any restrictions.

5. Rumors that Apple is planning to create his own car, went in the days of Steve jobs, but so far nothing concrete in this direction, we have not seen. However, the plans of the company in this account seems to have.

Recently, the journalists managed to get a letter from Apple’s Director of new product development Steve Kenner, addressed to the Director of security of traffic of the USA. Particularly interesting in this letter is the following sentence: “Apple invests a lot in machine learning and automation and realize potential of automated systems in many industries, including transport”.

According to the company, Apple is investing in machine learning technology, which can later be applied in the transport industry. This is why Apple wants to work closely with the traffic Department of the USA.

A letter to the top Manager of a Corporation does not confirm but does not refute Apple’s plans for the automotive industry. At this stage it seems that the company wants to develop automated systems for American vehicles.

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