Night Shift is really useful for sleep? Meet the experts

9.3 iOS is finally released, and now most owners of mobile devices from Apple can get acquainted with a mode Night Shift, which should save our sleep from the negative impact of tablets and smartphones that we use in bed. How this can really help? In order to understand this issue, colleagues from Business Insider turned to the experts.

Why is it so harmful to look at the screen smartphone or tablet while lying in bed? Their screens like TV screen, glowing a cold blue. This light has a negative impact on the body’s production of melatonin, a key hormone that the brain uses to prepare for sleep. Look into the bright glowing screens is not something that should be done, getting ready to sleep.

Apple has solved this problem with the help of Night Shift mode that automatically changes color to blue (which we get from the sun during the day) to red (more typical for sunsets). This can really help? This question was answered by the Professor of the school of medicine and a member of the American Academy of sleep medicine Raj Dasgupta.

Things that help sleep, Raj Dasgupta calls good sleep hygiene. Good sleep hygiene has to ensure that in the moments when you can’t sleep, you climbed out of bed and do something relaxing, such as reading a book. Today, when we cannot sleep, we are drawn to, start to scroll and swiping.

This was bad for sleep. Is it harmful with the advent of Night Shift mode? Raj Dasgupta believes that remains. Maybe we solved the problem with the production of melatonin, but there are still some issues.

First, the emergence of mode Night Shift may be perceived by iPhone owners as encouraging the use of your smartphone or tablet in bed. However, maintaining good sleep hygiene should abandon things that distract your brain. Experts even recommend not to stay in bed and in the bedroom longer than 20 minutes if you are awake. For this reason, Raj Dasgupta calls apps for better sleep “double edged sword”. On the one hand, they help you keep track of sleep and to improve its quality, on the other hand — they force you to use your smartphone before bed.

Secondly, what happens on your smartphone screen, distracting our brain is much more than an art book. Notifications, social media feeds, games, and more disturb our peace, and peace is exactly what we need at bedtime. For this reason, many experts recommend an hour before bedtime to completely abandon the use of electronic devices. This, of course, very difficult for many, but it’s much better than the Night Shift.

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