No words, some emotions: Ready Mag presented a collection of funeral Emoji

The online editor Ready Mag has published a new set of Emoji, featuring a particularly pessimistic mood. According to the creators, its main audience – Internet users, pay more attention to public mourning on social networks.

The death of a famous person in the 21st century provokes hundreds of thousands of Internet users to Express their grief so publicly as possible. Now this can be done using one of the six new emojis that are represented by online editor Ready Mag.

In addition, from the official site you can download burning candles in high resolution (4K) to use them to decorate your avatar on social networks. They are suitable for Stories and square photos in Instagram. Available in a choice of five options for the design of the candles depending on the degree of mourning and the number of the deceased. To be really unique grieving person and stand out from the millions, you can choose the style of light, shape and color.

In addition, users can purchase the black t-shirt with the words “we Mourn. Remember. Love.” from “the Tribulation.Team”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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