Nomad released the perfect leather case for AirPods

Renowned accessory maker has released the Nomad genuine leather case for AirPods, which not only will protect the easily scratched case for charging, but will give it personality.

Rugged Case is a case of two sections to AirPods, which are made of leather produced by the famous Horween tannery, based in Chicago. The company Nomad is known for its quality iPhone cases, straps for the Apple Watch, and more accessories for Apple.

As you know, almost all the owners AirPods have repeatedly complained about the tendency of the charging case headphones to collecting scratches during normal and careful use. So buying a leather case refresh the appearance AirPods and hide scratches on the body.

From Nomad Rugged Case looks more petite and neat, compared to the bulky case AirSnap from Twelve South, which is sold at the same price. The case comes in two colors: brown and black.

Rugged Case for AirPods already available for preorder on the manufacturer’s website at a price of 29.95 USD, in this case the delivery will be made on November 15.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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