Nomad released the purse, capable of charging iPhone

You receive so much useful. Often in the bag and we need a smartphone, maybe even a couple of smartphones and a tablet, and a laptop, and a portable battery pack, headphones and of course, keys, wallet, medications and more. It would be nice to reduce the number of carry around every day things. The most sensible way is to combine some things. Some companies have already cross their laptops with tablets. What else can I cross? Keys headphones not to cross, but the symbiosis of the purse and portable battery seems possible.

In Nomad thought so and produced a purse, which is certified to work with iPhone, or rather, it can be used to charge your smartphone. In the curve of the purse is hidden battery capacity of 2400 mAh, which is a short Lightning cable. The cable is also hidden well, and it will not hinder you to use the purse for its intended purpose. This purse is capable of charging your iPhone to 100%.

Nomad tried to make their wallet was no different from usual. With the advent of battery their wallet became thicker than what we use today. It is made of leather, and also can hold up to 6 cards and some cash. If you are already thinking about purchasing this wallet for yourself or as a gift, then hurry to make an order until November 15. After November 15, wallet from the Nomad will cost $ 99, but if you hurry, you can save $ 20.

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