Numerous problems have not prevented Huawei to sell 200 million smartphones in 2018

For many technology companies, the year 2018 was full of UPS and downs. Despite all the troubles, Huawei has something to boast about — she managed to sell over 200 million smartphones during the year.

Chinese manufacturer has set a new record in sales, shipping one-third more smartphones than in 2017 (when sales totaled 153 million units). This is not surprising because the company has released many different models of phones, some of which became hits.

Of the flagship models were sold 16 million units of the series P20 5 and 20 million Mate. A big role in the success of the Chinese company played the smartphones of the middle class, sales of which amounted to 65 million units. Huawei did not provide data on the number of budget phones that were shipped in 2018, but noted the “amazing opportunities” 10 Honor and 10 Honor View as key success factors in China.

The achievement of a new record may seem surprising amid daily stories about the arrest of the Finance Director and numerous prohibitions on the sale of the devices, but it reflects reality — Huawei practically does not depend on Western markets. In recent months the company has grown through sales both in China and abroad. She has absolutely no need of US.

Many of the prohibitions on use and sale of devices, the Chinese manufacturer is focused on network equipment, not on mobile phones. For example, in Canada you can buy Mate 20 P20 Pro or Pro, despite the fact that the government refused to cooperate with Huawei in the construction of the 5G network.

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