NVIDIA has released the most powerful video card RTX 2080 Ti on the architecture of Turing

At Gamescom, NVIDIA officially announced a new series of graphics cards RTX.

Thanks to the new architecture of Turing, the whole series turned out to be incredibly powerful.

Top model RTX 2080 Ti got 4 352 CUDA cores and RAM, GDDR6 is 11 GB, which ensures high throughput of up to 616 GB/s. This is the fastest graphics processor from NVIDIA.

RTX 2080 Ti available for pre-order today for 1 USD 199, shipping will start on Septembe r 20. The basic version cost $ 999 US will be available a little later.

The company also has introduced other models the 20 series graphics cards ā€“ RTX Founders 2070 2080 RTX Edition and Founders Edition.

When NVIDIA introduced the GTX 1080 in 2016, the company sought to create the best GPU for gaming at 4K Ultra HD (3840 Ɨ 2160 pixels). A new generation of graphics cards will improve gameplay by raising the minimum number of frames per second to 60 in 4K.

During the press conference, the company demonstrated the hybrid graphics pipeline that uses ray tracing architecture Turing along with the traditional rendering. Due to this, things like shadows and reflections will be more detailed and realistic. Also, these cards will be among the first graphics cards that can process video at a resolution of 8K.

GeForce 2080 Founders Edition is the overclocked version of the model 2080. It will work on frequency from 1.35 GHz to 1.63 GHz, whereas the frequency of conventional GeForce 2080 reaches of 1.54 GHz. On all GPUs on the basis of Turing, there are two core: RT-Core that handles ray tracing in real time, and Tensor Core responsible for processing the neural network. To connect the card will require two 8-pin power connector. NVIDIA recommends a source to a 650 watt.

Of course, we expect that RTX 2080 Ti will be faster predecessors, but the real question is how. From what the company showed at the exhibition, it became clear that the game needs to be optimized for use with the RTX. Officially announced that Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown and Final Fantaxy XV will be optimized.

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