Nvidia will show the video card RTX Mobility at CES 2019

In the network appeared rumors that Nvidia will present the new generation of video cards GeForce RTX for laptops during the CES in January 2019. Sources report that the company is working on a mobile version of graphics cards RTX 20-series.

Probably, Nvidia will showcase flagship solution for laptops ā€“ RTX 2080 Mobility technology Max-Q, which allows to significantly reduce the weight and thickness of this laptop.

Also Nvidia will release a graphics card in the midrange segment ā€“ 2070 Max Mobility RTX-Q, RTX Ti 2060 Mobility and Vanilla RTX 2060 Mobility.

Well, more budget solution ā€“ RTX 2050 Ti Mobility and Vanilla RTX 2050.

All of these GPUs, apparently, will be presented in January 2019. The exception would be video card RTX 2080 Mobility that Nvidia are rumored to release later.

Also an unnamed source, in an interview with the editorial Wccftech reported that the may budget model of the new graphics cards will be the GTX series, not the RTX.

For now it’s just a rumor, but it would be cool to get the performance RTX 2080 on a portable computer.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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