Office Suite Google apps has received the support of multi-tasking on the iPad

Apps office Suite and Google for a long time did not support multitasking iPad. Despite the fact that the release of iOS 9 was held last year, Google docs, Google sheets and Google slides could not work in split-screen Split View. And now Google has corrected this omission.

With the release of new versions Google docs, sheets and Presentations to support the split screen mode so the iPad can display at the same time these programs along with Safari, iMessage or any other compatible SOFTWARE. Announced support of the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4. Also I’ve fixed minor bugs and improved performance.

Support for Split View which is useful for office applications that allows you to make more convenient editing, research and collaboration between users.

Using Google docs, Google sheets, and Google slides, you can create simple documents “from scratch”. Users can easily perform all basic actions, including create bulleted lists, add images, comments, formulas, changing fonts etc. to Choose bold or underline formatting, indent, change font or number, choose a different background color in cells ā€“ all this can be done easily on the toolbar by simply pressing the right buttons.

It is worth noting that the update docs, Google sheets and Google slides with extended multitasking support was pretty good: Logitech just recently unveiled a brand Create a keyboard for the iPad Pro.

Download the updated Google docs is available for free at this link, Google sheets ā€“ Google Presentation ā€“ this.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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