Officials accused of Microsoft Windows and Office instead of domestic software

Russian developers revealed dozens of violations of the law on preferences for domestic SOFTWARE. Among the organizations prefer Microsoft products and other foreigners Russian counterparts, ā€” GUS “Justice” and Rosreestr.

State authorities regularly violate the law of priority purchases of Russian-made software, which operates in Russia since January 1, 2016. It is reported RKB with reference to Evgeniya Vasilenko, Executive Director of the Association of software developers (ARPP ) “Domestic software” (comprised of dozens of the largest Russian software developers, including 1C, Kaspersky Lab, Infowatch, etc.).

According to the law on preferences to Russian software, government agencies can buy foreign software, but they must check the registry of domestic software and make sure that there are no similar products. If there are analogues, it is necessary to indicate in the tender, why they are not suitable. If the arguments of the state are unconvincing, such fixes will have to suspend FAS.

According to Vasilenko, ARPP has identified “dozens of tenders”, which are held in violation of the law, according to which state agencies should prefer domestic software imported with the procurement in case of availability of the products-analogues. Customers do not publish the rationale for the selection of foreign software, with the purchase indicate the specific name of a foreign product and not point out the Russian equivalent, the head of the Association.

It is noted that the gas “Justice”, providing information and technological support of the proceedings, held a tender, the starting price of which amounted to more than 700 million rubles., of which 220 million rubles the organization has purchased licenses for Windows and Microsoft Office for 10,000 users. The tender was announced on 5 April 2016. Only six days later GUS explained the choice FOR foreign, citing the fact that in the registry of domestic software in the classroom “office applications” and “operating systems” there are no Russian software products, although they were there. April 15, GUS has posted a new study, which recognized that Russian products in these categories, but the organization is unable to buy them because they are not compatible with Windows Professional already installed.

Customer second tender for the purchase of Microsoft software for more than 25 million rubles is Rosreestr ā€“ the Federal Executive authority that leads the unified system of state cadastral registration of real estate, rights to real estate and transactions with it. The Chairman of the Commission of the Federation Council Lyudmila Bokova said that he was going to send a formal request to the FAS to check tenders GUS “Justice” and Rosreestr.

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