“Oil tycoon” – business Empire in your iPhone

Almost everyone at least once dreamed of becoming a millionaire, a successful businessman, the owner of the yacht, factories, restaurants. But surely it is not, how difficult it is to conduct an extensive business, because here need lot of time and energy for thinking through business ideas and their implementation. If you want to try yourself in this business, you need a game “Oil tycoon”.

Initially all you have is a oil field and little money to build the mine. It was built quickly, but to speed up you can tap on the screen. Once the mine is built, it will begin to produce oil, and you will be able to sell it and invest the earned money in business expansion.

Business can be quite diverse and, in addition to oil, you can invest in the purchase of restaurants, casino, hypermarket, airport and any other objects. All are more than 70, so there is where carousing. With every new object construction time increases, therefore, so as not to discourage his fingers, tapping on the screen to accelerate, you can use the in-game currency – diamonds. They are issued for certain achievements, however, in very small quantities, and for viewing promotional videos. If none of these options does not seem appropriate, can buy them for real money.

All your business objects will make a profit. Thus, the more you build, the more you earn. However, it was not without a “But!” – any buildings, starting with the first tower, will pollute the environment, and you have to deal with it. And for this there are several ways. First, the construction of eco-buildings. They are only sold for the diamonds and reduce the level of pollution. The second way – reduction of pollution through the purchase of a special Board.

If you don’t do none of the above, you certainly will find punishment in the form of arrests. As you know, during the arrest, the business is simply that money is not dropped, and you therefore did not get rich. But it is not fatal, because you can always pay off. Or diamond, either watching video or sharing to any social network.

Another interesting component of the game – action. At a certain point you can observe how your company is evaluated. From the level of the stock depends directly on the overall condition: if he falls, the condition can be reduced almost to zero, despite all of your buildings. To avoid this, you need time to collect the money earned by the business objects. The less downtime, the higher the level of the stock. Everything is quite simple.

Especially fun to play if you arrange a competition with your friends. This can be done through Facebook or Game Center. After login you will be able to see which of your friends are already in the game, to invite those of you who haven’t, well, and monitor their results.

Pleased that the developer has not forgotten to provide an alternative to earning in-game currency that allows you not to spend real money at every stage, and not to introduce pop-up advertising, which is often very annoying.

Overall, the game is quite fun and downright addictive. It is pleasant indeed to be a billionaire! By the way, it can be downloaded for free, so try to make your first million.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! I’m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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