Old things Steve jobs was auctioned off for several thousand dollars

Strange people, these collectors. They are willing to spend untold amounts to get an aesthetic(?) pleasure from the things that others often seem to be at least interesting, and sometimes disgusting. But what do you say to that?

Fans of old school jobs allocates immense passion for all things having any relation to the long-deceased idol. Prototype iPad mini? Great. “Garage” instance computers from Apple Computer? Excellent. Old and probably smelly sandals of Steve, in which he spent several months traveling? And the best that could be desired.

Auctioned the shoes of the founder of Apple with an initial bet of $ 850 in the end took “only” 3 400. The owner of this and other equally interesting lots was a mark Scheff. According to his own statements in the middle of 80-h years he headed the real estate jobs and managed to gather such a rare and valuable today instances.

“I didn’t steal these things, hastened to make excuses Scheff journalists Business Insider. I picked them up, when Steve wanted to get rid of them and just threw away because I didn’t tolerate nonsense”.

And you would have bought? Share your opinion in the comments.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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