On Supermicro boards not found spy chips

In October, Bloomberg released an article in which it was alleged that on the Supermicro motherboards used in servers, Apple and Amazon, has installed a spy chip. An independent company checked with Supermicro and found no violations.

According to Bloomberg, motherboards Supermicro attended the Chinese chips that collect information for the Chinese government. Immediately after the article, Apple and Amazon denied it. Tim cook repeatedly criticized Bloomberg and demanded to remove the article.

To refute all charges, Supermicro appealed to the independent company Nardello & Co. She checked all the equipment that sells Supermicro at the moment, as well as all previous versions, which bought Apple and Amazon. In addition, Nardello & Co has examined all of the software Supermicro.

After the inspection, no violations in motherboards Supermicro was not detected. Bloomberg promised to publish evidence of spy chips, but it did not.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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