On the Apple website there is a new vacancy with an intriguing description

Apple is looking for engineers to build a new device that is associated with health.

Judging by the job description, Apple needs a specialist that can help in the development of special chip to interpret health data obtained from various devices.

“We need an engineer who can work c integrated circuits special purpose, which will create a chip for new sensors and sensor systems in future products Apple”, ā€“ stated in the description of the jobs.

Also in early August, Apple posted another vacancy, which said that seeking an engineer capable of developing fitness sensors. In July, the company was looking for a specialist in optical sensors.

Now Apple uses these sensors in the Apple Watch to measure heart rate. It is rumored that in future versions of hours, the Corporation will use these sensors for non-invasive measurement of blood sugar levels. The latter can significantly affect the lives of millions of people suffering from diabetes who are forced to regularly pierce their fingers and squeeze the blood to carry out the necessary measurements. At least this is the dream of one of the former employees of the company.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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