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Summer is over, and now, by the way, the best time to begin to prepare your body for the new beach season or just to keep in shape until then, until you again have to wear such tight t-shirt. In App Store there are many different applications for their training, but they are either uncomfortable, or pay and work by subscription. We found a proven solution and, most importantly, free, which fans will appreciate the exercise.

The app is called Fitness Online and allows you to keep a personal training diary absolutely for free. You only need to register through Vkontakte or Facebook), to enter the necessary data.

Then boldly select the desired exercise from the database, and compile the program yourself and do it. The results can be conveniently recorded in the training diary. In Fitness Online contains over 300 exercises which are accompanied by high-quality live animation, and it’s just necessary when learning a new exercise.

In addition to physical exercises you available diet and sports nutrition. Choose from over 4500 products with the table of composition and calorie counting, if you decide to lose weight, supplements for rapid muscle growth and not fat, as it happens after lunch in fast food.

Here is important social component. In fact in Fitness Online has a built-in mini social network where you can get acquainted with other app users, share with them your successes, ask questions if something is unclear.

One of the main differences of the applications from this professional, detailed and clear descriptions of the exercises. In fact, in a few clicks you can create a training plan, diet and to start exercising. And no one will ask for 299 rubles for the “unlock premium features” or additional exercises.

When I see a good and free app, this is annoying, and the question immediately arises: how is it monetized? Here it is implemented is very cool ā€” you have the opportunity to engage remotely with a fitness instructor on a fee basis. In the appendices there is a special section of the “Coaching staff”, where you can choose a coach rating and reviews. The connection with the coach by using the built in messenger: discussing the objectives, conditions, medical restrictions, then the instructor invoices.

For that you get, for example, exercise program and proper nutrition. And if you select monthly of course the trainer will monitor your results, adjust the program depending on the status, give comments ā€” in General, if the fitness club. Only much cheaper.

For me the only drawback was the relatively small amount of exercise, but the developers are constantly updating the list. Especially for the beginner it has everything you need. And free.

Title: Fitness Online
Publisher/developer: ITPlus LLC
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: For iPhone
Link: Set

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