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You can talk about what to read paper books more enjoyable, few will argue that the smartphone or tablet to do it much easier. First, your collection (even from hundreds of books). Secondly, this is a great way to read those books that are hard to find in paper form. But reading books on an iPhone or iPad is not confined to iBooks, and those who once went to the App Store know about it.

Why do readers begin to look for alternatives? There are many reasons, but the main one is the absence of many features that I would like to see in the ideal “reader.” We tested several third-party apps and have opted for i2Reader Cloud.

This application, tested by time and by bibliophiles around the world, has long been highly appreciated by readers. The reason lies in the number of features is iCloud support (as the name implies), and several pre-installed themes of the reading (with the ability to create your own), three way turn, connect to shared libraries and more.

Add books in several ways — from Wi-Fi-libraries that you made yourself, OPDS libraries (for example,, or add the book manually. Find in Safari or send it via mail and then copy it to i2Reader Cloud. After that, you’ll see it on my shelf.

Books can be different sort for a handy search to quickly find what you need. Especially useful if your collection is 200, 300 or more books.

Before diving into the reading, tell you about the side menu of the application. Here you can access the browser, network services, its dictionary and settings. In addition, you can import books from cloud storage — Dropbox, Google Drive or “Yandex.Disk”, and add the library BOOKS and go from there.

In a good library books must be well organized, and the best way to do this is with shelves. For example, you can group them by purpose or mood.

Individual attention, setting of the reading. Here, in addition to standard settings like font size and the backlight, there is a lot of advanced features, returns two columns, the embellishment of images, type of flip and other. For example, you can choose flipped as in a paper book, activate infinite vertical scrolling (handy when reading with one hand), or disable animation.

To read books using this tool a pleasure. You can extract the main information of the markers or highlight the quote and immediately share it on social networks. Cool has a function “Text-to-speech” and easy navigation via the table of contents of the book.

Vertical scrolling is also a nice feature of this app. Well, the ability to start reading on your iPhone and continue on iPad, even more pleasing, not to mention the 3D Touch.

The only negative i2Reader Cloud — it is not free, however, for such opportunities do not mind to pay. Download it at the link below and try it yourself! If you have any wishes, please write to [email protected] developer Yuri quickly answered.

Title: i2Reader Cloud
Publisher/developer: Yuriy Melyushin
Price: 299 RUB.
In-app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app

2 personLink: Set

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