OnePlus is cheating in advertising. The company removed the frame 6T

The company OnePlus unscrupulous advertise model 6T. In the promotional video of the smartphone is significantly reduced frame.

Promotional video has launched on YouTube and Instagram. 43 seconds of it show the gaming capabilities of a smartphone, for example, Fortnite. However, the content is clearly modified the lower frame is entirely cut out, and the saturation of the protrusion around the camera significantly reduced. This creates a false impression of the model. Actually, the frame on the 6T is much more noticeable.

This is not the first in the history of the marketing ploy of this kind. Previously, Lenovo advertised the model Z5 as completely frameless, but was unable to keep my promises. On the promo photo of the smartphone was not part of monobrow. The final device was as bezels, and the ledge above the screen.

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