Opinion: Apple will fix the problem in 2016

I think many of you will agree with the popular opinion that the last few years have been far better for Apple. And the question now is not about financial success – now the guys from Cupertino are all just fine. I mean accompanied by numerous problems and bugs in software releases new versions of the operating system. But my favorite critic of Steve jobs named Walt Mossberg believes that in 2016 everything has to change dramatically.

“In order to return to the ranks, [Apple] must make the most of 2016 to improve its own software, the analyst stated. Core email, calendar and other built-in apps on iPhone and iPad (and even Mac) undoubtedly need some rethinking. For example, iTunes for OS X and Apple Music should be simplified and supplemented with more functionality. And, of course, the cloud is really the weak point of the company, they should be significantly improved.

Personally, I have long been an ardent supporter of Apple technology. I remember how I was amazed by the quality of the software when you first sat down at Mac in the early 90’s. it seemed a real breakthrough – none of the competitors could not offer anything similar. Today a huge number of users, including myself, have criticized Apple for losing the title of leader in the industry, which has ceased “just work”.

What do you think, was it right for the Mossberg in his statements and so dramatically, according to you, iOS 9 is different from the long-defunct iOS 6? Share your opinion in the comments.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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