[OS X] Configurable gestures in the Mail on El Capitan

I use the free mail client in OS X? Well, a good choice, but if you have to work with multiple e-mails, built-in gestures will allow you not only to cope with them comfortably, but also save precious time.

Since olden times people say that habit is a big deal. In the case of computer equipment that is particularly true, because the user performs many daily routine activities, sometimes brought to automatism. An example of such action may be the movement of messages between different mailbox folders, and for this purpose provided in the iOS on-screen gestures. Some of them subsequently moved into her “big” sister OS X.

By default, a swipe to the left removes the letter, but if you need often delete emails by mistake or you normally requires exactly archiving, it is necessary to assign to the “left swipe” exactly this function. To do this, open the settings application using [cmd] + [,] (universal combination in OS X) and go to the tab “View”. We are interested in the item called “Swipe left to” here and configure the desired behavior of the program.

I hope this simple tip will make your Mac more productive. Curious about the other capabilities of the updated Mail in El Capitan can be found here, and one of the innovations of mobile client discussed in this material. Good luck with your letters!

According to the materials of OSXDaily

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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