[OS X] Copy the full path to the files and folders in Finder

Frankly, El Capitan is my favorite release of OS X in recent years. Fresh, but perfectly crafted combination of design and ergonomics focuses on making the Mac more pleasant, and focus on internal changes gives the system a kind of gloss. Because it is inconspicuous at first glance, the functions determine the overall level of comfort, and one of them will be discussed in this material.

Those users who frequently copy the full address in the file system, in previous versions of OS X had to use not too convenient methods. However, with the release of “Captain” this problem is solved in elegant cupertinos — using the familiar Mac key [option]. To illustrate, consider the example of a folder containing the standard Wallpaper in OS X (/Library/Desktop Pictures).

  • Turn to the object of interest — in our case, this is one of the background images desktop
  • Note right-click or two fingers on touchpad
  • Held the “magic” press [option] and choose from the shortcut menu that appears the “Copy path to…”.

As a result the full address of the object will be in the clipboard from where you can work with it as with any other text fragment — for example, to insert in the transfer window Finder invoked by the keyboard shortcut [cmd] + [shift] + [G].

I hope this simple tip will save precious time when working at the computer. Good luck with your work!

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