[OS X] Delete files without the Recycle bin

File deletion is a simple operation that we face every day. By default, the objects are moved to the recycle Bin, a special folder, from which it can be easily restored, but when a large amount of information, this method may not be the most convenient. Fortunately, you can solve the problem very easily, because files can be deleted directly.

Tired Of Trash? No problem! Current OS X allows you to do without it, sending the object straight to the dustbin of history, and serves this purpose wonderful key [option]. So, the usual combination to delete the selected file on the Mac is [command] + [delete]. But if the [command] add [option], instead of moving them to the “shopping Cart” will appear such dialog box. Of course, you will need to confirm the deletion, because to undo an action, unfortunately, impossible.

If you are not happy with keyboard shortcuts, you can use an alternate method. To do this, select the object and open the section “File” in the OS X menu bar while pressing [option]. The item is called “Delete immediately”. Do not forget that the above delete is not an analogue to securely wipe the Recycle bin.

Of course, you can discuss the topic of long-standing availability in the decisions of competitors — for example, Microsoft, however, perhaps these facts will become for most users cause install Windows as a second system. Utility features for OS X users this does not change, and work with it as with the “Apple” system, no one is forcing. Fortunately, if something had not to their liking, it is possible to install competing OS simple.

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