[OS X] Disable the Gatekeeper function

Security is one of the cornerstones on which OS X, but some users have to sacrifice reliability for the sake of convenience. Was no exception and Gatekeeper is a useful function that controls the startup program on the computer, and how to turn it off, we will tell in this material.

Gatekeeper is a good thing for the average user. This feature prevents you from starting a potentially unwanted app lication, checking for compliance with the specified requirements like placement in the App Store or having a special certificate. But developers, system administrators and other enthusiasts Gatekeeper can hinder in the work, and to avoid this, the function is easily disabled in “System preferences”. However, after 30 days of inactivity it will turn on automatically and warns pop-up window.

Fortunately for lovers of liberty, in the latest versions of OS X, Apple provided a manual control function, with which you can prevent it from automatically re-activating (Auto ReArm). All that is required, ā€” a crowd favorite “Terminal” located by default in the Utilities folder, and special command, for which you will need to enter the administrator password (note that your keystrokes will not be displayed on the screen).

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.security GKAutoRearm -bool NO

Of course, you should disable Gatekeeper. Optimal setting for most users is proposed in the menu “Protection and security” “System settings” option in which you install apps both from the App Store, and proven (“installed”) developers. In this case, you will also be able to run applications that do not meet these criteria ā€” just hover the cursor over the program icon and click the left mouse button while holding the Control key, then click “Open” and the system will prompt you to run the application. If you still decide to disable the Gatekeeper, not the superfluous will write down the command and enable Auto ReArm.

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.security GKAutoRearm -bool YES

I hope this trick will save not only on become on your way Gatekeeper, but also on finding the right solution. Again, disable is only in case of necessity, the majority of Mac owners are advised to leave it enabled. Reliable you system!

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