[OS X] Display phone number in large font in Contacts

With increasing screen resolutions their readability has become for many users a real problem, because to look at the small text is fun as one would say a good writer, seriously below average. In some cases (for example, in our favorite Mac App Store) to change the situation that is not possible, but fortunately, this problem does not affect the built-in OS X address book. How to last really gigantic font “one-touch”, and we will cover in this article.

Contacts app, located by default in the directory “Program” that comes with every Mac. The capabilities of this very powerful tool for working with the address book not only storage and contacts sync with iCloud or export them in vCard format with different encodings. With the help of “Contacts” can be, for example, directly from a computer to call via the cellular network, and FaceTime, send SMS messages, but also integrate the address book with the popular VoIP application Skype. But what if the room for whatever reason, you will need to rewrite or retype it by hand? The most convenient way, as promised, in fact, available in one touch. All we have to do — to open the Contacts and select the desired number by hovering over its type (mobile, work, etc.) and pressing the left mouse button. From the context menu, select the item with the telling title “to Show large type”.

And here is the result. Clean room with the usual screen, you can tap in any place.

I hope this simple advice will reduce the growing burden on the eyes of the modern user. Of course, to call them directly from the Mac where it is more convenient and if you are not familiar, to read more about it here. You use an iPhone, right?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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