[OS X] does Not work in Split View El Capitan? There reshenie comment

Borrowing between operating systems — a usual thing in modern industry. So, Windows 10 has its own notification center, and the latest OS X got a friend in Microsoft Windows feature a convenient window placement on the sides of the screen. However, sometimes users are confronted with its absence, and the reason for that may be just the item in the settings.

After I updated to the recently released El Capitan many wanted to try the Split View function to work with it, in my opinion, very convenient. But not here-that was: in some cases, its inclusion prevents the mere absence of a “tick”, and make it easier. So, go to the usual Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen and select the line “System settings”, then go to the section with the combat name “Mission Control”. We are interested in the item called “displays have separate spaces”.

To understand why there is this option, remember how the Mac came on full-screen mode. First appeared in OS X Lion, he switched to the application located on the primary display and the other screens just show brand has a grey background, similar to linen fabric. It’s not too convenient for work with multiple monitors, the behavior has changed in Mavericks, where he added the above option in the settings Mission Control — it was possible to work in full screen on one screen while using other full. In addition, the option prevents accidental stretching one window on multiple desktops, however if you need this capability, the box can be removed. In this case, the Split View will not work — the option is required, even if using only one monitor.

I hope this advice will help you quickly understand the interface of OS X and is easy to customize it for themselves. Please note that to change the state option requires a logout or restart the computer, before anything you should save all unsaved data running programs. Reliable you “Captain”!

By the way, you learn how to include another function El Capitan is a classic panel Dashboard widget.

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