[OS X] Hide the menu bar in El Capitan46 review

As is usually the case with new software, OS X has brought with it not only a completely new features, but also a lot of nice improvements. Such small things can be attributed to the new setting regarding classic for Mac item of the menu bar that appears above the Windows.

Great news for used to the interface Windows users: the line on which the various menus currently running programs, now you can hide from the screen, and this is done literally in one click. So, in order to enable the new option, you need to open the panel “System preferences”, selecting the appropriate item from the Apple menu in the top left corner of the display, and go to “Main”. In the upper part of the popup window and located the desired entry, in front of which it is necessary to remove “tick”.

As a result, the screen will look like this.

However, if you like a pristine desktop, which is a minimum of necessary tools, you can also hide and inhabitant of the bottom of the screen is the Dock. The corresponding item is in the same section of the panel in “System settings”. Both elements appear temporarily when you move the cursor into the appropriate area.

I hope these options will make using your Mac more comfortable. If you know a cool trick, don’t forget to share them in the comments!

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