[OS X] Include native TRIM support for third party SSD

Some versions cupertinos computer OS does not promise the usual array of new features. Most of the changes in these releases are concentrated “under the hood”, and many of them at first glance, not very noticeable. However, their role does not suffer, and about one of such “modest” options will be discussed in this article.

The release of new versions of its system Apple not only pleases thirsty free updates users of older Mac, but those who decided to upgrade the device and install instead of the slow hard drive solid-state drive. It is, of course, about the brand “Apple” SSD, because since 10.10.4 for them added option to enable support for TRIM method, by which the operating system informs the drive about already deleted from the file table data. This purpose in OS X, use the command trimforce.

Before continuing, we strongly recommend to backup your data using Time Machine or any way you want. We also remind you that the operation is at your own risk: Apple cannot guarantee the operation of the tool for hardware third-party that has not been properly test for compatibility with TRIM, and, as a consequence, the safety of stored data can be called into question. This is honestly the firmware notifies the referee.

So, in order to force-enable TRIM support for the selected drive, we will need the masses favorite application “Terminal” located by default in the Utilities folder. Next, enter this command (you will need the administrator password, if the input is not displayed on the screen).

sudo trimforce enable

And here is the same “disclaimer”.

Ready? Then confirm the query by pressing [Y]. After a successful procedure, the computer will automatically restart c included TRIM. If you want to disable the function, this is done by means of such a team.

sudo trimforce disable

Of course, such manipulation is not required in all cases. For example, the drives of Apple production does not need trimforce because TRIM support is built in natively, but several third-party manufacturers instead used her own algorithms. Of course, on hard drives the team will also not work.

I hope this simple advice will help the discs to last you for as long as possible. Enjoy working in OS X!

Edition AppleInsider.ru not responsible for any consequences of following the instructions provided by a third party or not recommended for implementation by Apple, and the use of hardware and software produced by third-party vendors.

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