[OS X] Move the Photo library to an external drive

Your Mac has expended all of the remaining space? Well, it’s possible that the reason for that “tons” of photos that are stuck on the system drive, and a simple way to avoid it will be discussed in this article.

As you know, Photos for OS X came on the replacement of obsolete iPhoto and even professional graphics editor Aperture. Despite the negative expectations and simplified functionality, the program has proven to be a very convenient way of organizing a home library, and various extensions only contribute to its development. But here’s the thing: modern pictures are of a great size and is able to quickly take a significant amount of disk space. In the case of a small SSD this time can be critical, but if you have an external drive solve the problem is very easy ā€” just follow a few simple steps.

  • Close Photo.
  • Copy the library by dragging its icon from the default folder (“Images”) to the desired location on the external drive.
  • Run Photo while pressing [option] and in the resulting window, select the moved library.
  • In the application settings created by the combination [command] + [,] or using the menu “Photo” in the status bar of OS X, select your library system (the Basic tab).

After that, you can work as usual. Please note that if you enabled “iCloud photo Library” may take time to verify the conformity of cloud storage and bring order after changing the settings.

The operation itself ā€” another reason to see how many useful things makes the usual Mac key [option]. I hope this simple tip will save not only disk space but also precious time. Good luck with your hunting!

According to the materials of MacWorld

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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