[OS X] Save disk space when working with Mail

Still “fight” for a place on the disk? It may well be that to get a few “trophy” GB will succeed with one gulp, and help us in this battle, a great Mail app.

Anyway, and the built-in OS X email client ā€” an excellent free program, which is willing to use as your humble servant, and many other Mac owners. But here’s the thing: with the advancement of technology, the volume of transmitted data increased, while the cost of SSDs is still not enough proportional to their capacity. Simply put, modern email is a major consumer of disk space, and the cause is not just multiple attachments, and specific client configuration.

In the case of Mail like any other mail program, usually the following happens: the user opens the email containing the attachment, then moves on to other messages. It is here that the fun begins ā€” the files are copied to a special folder, located at ~/Library/containers/com.apple.mail/data/library/Mail Downloads where stored indefinitely.

To prevent such a scenario, the developers have provided a special setting, is particularly relevant for devices with a small amount of built-in storage. In order to customize the behavior of Mail, open the menu “Settings” using universal for OS X combinations [cmd] + [,] and proceed to the section “Main”. We are interested in the item called “Delete raw download” and recommended value is “When the Post office will be shut”.

Now copies of attachments will be deleted automatically when you exit the program, the letters will remain intact.

I hope this simple tip will help keep your Mac from unnecessary files, because for a long time with the computer volume “mail” folder may significantly grow. Do not forget about other interesting features of Mail, for example, about how to configure or gestures about how to handle the emails by tabs. Compact you correspondence!

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