Overview of mega-secure messenger Signal

It is considered that the most secure instant messenger in the world – Telegram. But, as it turned out, the title is still contenders. We will focus on the application Signal.

The only goal followed by developers when creating a Signal – to make correspondence and phone calls as safe as possible. Think they got it, but unfortunately, to the detriment of everything else.

The pros and cons of Signal

Have a lot of Signal problems: there are bugs, slow, not always getting notifications about messages, design and the app interface is obsolete. No fresh chips, like video calling, the ability to edit or delete a sent message, video messages, fixing chat.

It would be cool to see it all in the messenger, but he was created for another. And, according to statements of developers and famous personalities such as Snowden, its main function to protect the correspondence performs on cheers. Already it is worth to download it.

According to the creators, the service will never be advertising. Have Signal there is a generous community, which donates a small amount to the project, as well as interested in the safety of their data investors.

Whether to move to a fully Signal?

People are different and everyone’s requirements are different messengers. Others want the good old WhatsApp, which, though there is encryption, but the confidence is not there. For someone enough and Viber. But there are those who are very important correspondence.

Such users choose services like Telegram and Signal. Moreover, the first especially for those who are worried, but do not use Secret Chats – and so safe that loves new features and puts convenience above all. And the second those who really interested only in the privacy of the data and nothing else.

Edition MacDigger not agitate go to Signal, but advises to download it in case the Telegram with something irreparable (sincerely hope not). Messenger is available for almost all platforms, including a desktop version is available on the official website.

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