Panasonic has created “the human shore” to work in open-plan offices

Design Studio Future Life Factory, owned by Panasonic, has created a device for a Wear Space concentration of workers in open-plan offices. They talked about it on its official website.

“Space Wear” is literally translated as “to carry the space”. According to employees of the company, the people working in openspace, not enough personal area where they can easily concentrate.

“Blinders” is composed of a partition that blocks peripheral vision and sound-absorbing headphones. You can configure them depending on how strong the desired concentration.

To create the design Studio of the Future Life Factory invited Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko by Morinaga. They first presented the project at the March exhibition SXSW. Now the developers opened crowdfunding for the first buyers of the “blinders” will cost $ 260 (about 17 thousand).

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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