Parallels has released Parallels Access 3.1 with support for 3D Touch, Apple Pencil and tablet mode in Windows 10

Parallels has announced a new version of the mobile application remote access ā€“ Parallels Access 3.1 with new and exciting opportunities. The update was released for mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Parallels Access is not just another remote access app, it is an entirely different concept of remote access in General: namely, full-featured desktop applications with tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android, the ability to manage files that are stored in different locations (mobile device, clouds, on a remote computer, and so on), and use interface, gestures and functions of your particular device.

In the new version of Parallels Access now has the opportunity long awaited by the users ā€” support iPad Pro. Now you can work on a larger screen 12.9-inch tablet and select the appropriate option settings the screen resolution.

For iOS devices with Parallels Access 3.1 following functions are also available:

  • Support 3D Touch technology in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus: tap the screen to drag an object or to simulate right click of the mouse.
  • Support already back to normal, as well as other styli for all devices iPad and iPhone.
  • Folders for app icons on your computer that you can create in the App Launcher.
  • Support for cursor movement with on-screen keyboard that can be used as a touch panel (iOS 9).
  • Support tablet mode in Windows 10: this is a new OS mode, which allows you to work without a keyboard and mouse. This mode is now much easier to use Parallels Access on your mobile device to manage computers and laptops that have Windows 10.

For Android devices in Parallels Access 3.1 the following options are available:

  • Support tablet mode in Windows 10.
  • Support for the toolbar and taskbar Samsung Edge.
  • Support Android M.

Parallels Access also enables you to work with a remote computer from any device with a web browser (with HTML5 support). Just log in to your Parallels account, select the desired device and start working with it (no additional software or browser extensions to install not required).

Parallels Access version 3.1 is available as a free upgrade for all current users of Parallels Access. Everyone else can take a free 7-day trial.

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Clifton Nichols

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