Pavel Durov has criticized WhatsApp and Facebook

Pavel Durov has published on its channel in the Telegram a new post. The founder of the messenger shared his opinion about problems in Facebook and WhatsApp, and also reminded about the uniqueness of the Telegram.

Durov started your post with what you told about working on an updated version of Telegram for iOS.

Last week a Telegram was tense ā€” we’ve been busy improving our new app for iOS and struggle with the problems with the connection. We slept a little, but still I believe that no other company I would not be so good. The Telegram team has the freedom to do what you expect from us users, and we serve their interests.

Then Durov spoke about the departure of the founders of WhatsApp from Facebook and found vulnerabilities in applications on iOS and Android. One of them complained that chose the money in exchange for user privacy.

The recent departure of the founders of WhatsApp is a great example of what happens when you sell your company. You can earn money, but lose something more valuable: their integrity and the opportunity to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Last week it became known that WhatsApp has been the vulnerability ā€” anyone with whom you had a video, could in theory read all of your messages. Even if there was no more vulnerability (which is unlikely), WhatsApp has other disadvantages, which sent messages can be accessed by third parties.

The actor finished his post that criticized Facebook for failing and promises.

In the long term the promises made by corporations like Facebook, just don’t come true, because they put priority to maximizing profits and not its users. This is what distinguishes the Telegram. The only thing we care about is your interests.

In 2015, Google wanted to purchase a Telegram for one billion dollars, but the actor refused the proposal.

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