Pavel Durov refused to recognize the actions of Roscomnadzor legitimate

Journalist and head of the International human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov published in group news stories about the trial of Roskomnadzor on Telegram.

— Pavel Durov forbade his lawyers to participate in tomorrow’s court proceedings on the suit of Roscomnadzor to the Telegram so as not to legitimize outright farce with his presence.

By the way, later Chikov wrote that to go with the Telegram, even if the lock will not:

— Is the audience of telegram are so stupid that disperse classmates after the first shout? Starts the same now underground and samizdat, and those who will remain here and will be read – and is our most persistent, the most clever and advanced, the boldest and high-quality audience.

Recall that on 4 April, the administration Telegram was obliged to transfer to the Roskomnadzor encryption keys messenger. Since this did not happen — in Telegram insist that the requirements are impossible to perform technically Roskomnadzor intend to block services on the territory of Russia.

The owners of the channels in the Telegram are trying to challenge the decision of Roskomnadzor and FSB through the European court of human rights. As mentioned earlier, in Strasbourg has already addressed the journalists Oleg Kashin and Aleksandr plushev, a few dozen of messenger users will send the same complaint in the near future.

If access messenger will be closed, we have prepared instructions on how to bypass the lock. Link to the user manual.

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