People freaked out and sell the iPhone on the cheap

Little to buy iPhone two to three times cheaper than in the store? That was not a fake. These prices are real.

The lowest prices on iPhone ads DamProdam. Remember together. The new iPhone 7 on the 256 GB costs 75 000 rubles in the shops. And “damadam” this is just over 53 000. Also in perfect condition, never unpacked.

There is generally a lot of things: Android smartphones, the devices for vapers, MacBook and iPad, the smart watch Apple Watch, and everything is 2-3 times cheaper than in regular stores of the Russian Federation. There is a new and used car, but it is very profitable, especially in January, when most almost no money. By the way, you can sell any gadget, it’s free.

To make it easier to choose, you should see a good list of the best b/iPhone. There are three categories: the real benefit, the normal price and inflated. Analyzed the whole site and now I will show you the best options.

The real benefit

1. iPhone 7 256 Gb

And this fellow is selling a top-end smartphone with the maximum amount of memory is cheaper than the brand new iPhone 7 to a 32 Gb. Perfect condition, kit complete. Take it!

Price: 53 000 RUB., Vyacheslav

2. Apple Watch 42 mm Series 1

Very well-chosen price of smart watch. AW is in excellent condition, complete set. Warranty until end of August 2017.

Price: 18 000 RUB, Serge

3. iMac 21,5” Late 2015

Cool desktop extended up to 256 GB of memory on the SSD. In excellent condition, no scratches, no scuffs. Consider the exchange option on the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Price: 58 000 RUB., Boris

The price for Yandex.Market: 80 000 RUB.

4. iPhone 5s 16 Gb

A great smartphone in good condition, there are a few spots on the glass, but it is not critical. Full set.

Price: 10 000 RUB., Minas

The normal price but you can negotiate

5. iPhone 6s 64 Gb

Last year’s flagship to give a little bit expensive. Given that it changed the screen and you have to throw 3-5 thousand included non-original cable and charger.

Price: 23 000 RUB., George

6. MacBook Air 13″ Mid 2012

A good option for surfing the Internet. It is decent, but you can get it cheaper. Good condition, full set.

Price: 33 000 RUB., Aram

7. DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

Unreal quadcopter for professional photography. Sealed, have not been unpacked. In perfect condition, and bargaining is possible.

Price: 43 000 rubles, Ilya

The price for Yandex.Market: 45 000 RUB.

8. iPhone 6 128 Gb

Smartphone in perfect condition, almost never used. Decided to upgrade, so selling. The complete package is attached.

Price: 30 000 RUB., Alexander

The price for Yandex.Market: 35 000 RUB.

Quite the audacity to throw off the price

9. Xbox One 1 TB

Really cool console, but in the store it costs 24 000 rubles, but there is also 3,000 more expensive. You have a conscience, guys?

Price: 24 000 RUB., Paul

10. Apple Watch Sport 42 mm

How can you then Clock… 2 months is constantly in use. And here suddenly decided to offer at retail price. Drop the price, then buy it.

Price: 20 000 RUB., Alex

11. the iPad 4 Wi-Fi 16 Gb

We understand everyone needs money, but can not sell the tablet, which has a month, at the price of new. Drop the price, gentlemen.

Price: 30 000 RUB., Vladislav

12. Mac Pro 2008

But this is arrogance. Outdated model, and you offer to buy for 100 thousand rubles. Sunk…

Price: 100 000 RUB., Victoria

At the flea market DamProdam you can find any Apple gadget, or sell your own: from iPhone 2G to the new MacBook Pro. Price two times lower, excellent condition, proven sellers, there is an option to bargain. So stop by, watch and take until the best not bought!

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