“Perfect companies do not exist, but Apple is not even trying”

This year, Apple introduced several new products, which received a mixed reaction from users of the device was quite innovative, but for the first time in a long time, largely ill-conceived, problematic and sometimes illogical. Columnist Steffen Rach of the iDb shared their perspective on the evolution of the California giant.

The company, which made a revolution whenever showed another new product for the last two years shows a steady decline on all fronts, says Rach. Although it shows good financial performance. The latter fact is due to the fact that Apple earned good credit users, but this resource is not infinite, and if in the near future the company will not take himself in hand, its market position may change.

A week ago, Apple announced that its new AirPods headphones, which were announced in September simultaneously with the iPhone 7, will go on sale in late October, as was announced from the stage. According to Apple earphones are not ready to exit the mass market and need some modifications. And since Apple can’t produce low-quality products (in this case we are talking about the build quality and operation), the user will have to wait. On the exact timing of the emergence of AirPods in the sale in the company silent.

In fact, for some it was the last straw – Apple too much, says the journalist. The company, which was famous for the fact that always produces beautiful and perfectly functioning products, each time allows for more marriage. The author recalls how poorly it turned out iOS 9, how many bugs the Corporation had to resolve in the shortest possible time. It seems like Apple has decided to hold a mass testing of its OS for normal users. Examples of what the final version of the software worked very badly and needed surgical intervention, a lot is iCloud photo Library in iOS 8 beta Apple Music on Android website iCloud.com.

This Apple did not stop and continued to produce devices that are not perceived by users as recommended, writes Reich. It seems like the company designers work separately from the programmers, and the departments responsible for the production of certain products, do not intersect, even at lunch. How else to explain the situation around the new MacBook Pro – now to charge iPhone, you need an adapter, and a simple cable will not do. Moreover, Apple had to know that they will give you a port USB-A in favor of the new, and could provide a new iPhone charging with USB. But instead, we get unjustified decision with the rejection of the glowing Apple, Escape button and sound activation.

As for the Apple Watch, the first product that was created without Steve jobs, and it is not so clear. As the journalist notes, the company talked a lot about the role of wearable electronics in medicine, hired the best experts in this field, studied the market, but the result did not meet expectations. Yes, watches were sold very much – significantly more than all Android models put together, but it is rather not the merit of the device, and Apple’s reputation. The second version, which appeared exactly a year later, did not introduce any significant changes, although it is expected much more. It is not known whether there is a Department dedicated to cars, and about the TVs mentioned 2-3 years ago, too, heard nothing.

The company continues to make money – Tim cook remains loyal to its strategy and successfully cope with the task. Only here in the days of Steve jobs Apple is always opposed to other companies which conducted business solely for profit – not for the sake of the revolution and therefore was considered to be “not like everyone else”.

“Through continual research, a great symbiosis of hardware and software, high-quality and responsible approach to the sale of products it has become a company with magical abilities, which created a great device. Now Apple turns to those who ridiculed early – stops vary by quality and innovation and focuses on making money. This is evident in the consumer reviews positive reviews getting smaller, and Apple is already time to think about what she’s doing,” concluded Heath.

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Clifton Nichols

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