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Perhaps, the 2016 was not the best – from many reasons. Including for gaming: no really potent breakthrough or turning the genre of the project. But this does not mean that the play was not – so- great apps still out, consistently delighting us.

Below: a dozen games that have managed to catch the most. Please note, projects are not placed on the prizes, but just. It’s not top, but only a collection that we took in those twelve months – and what you can take, though abbreviated, but still long new year holidays. If you have not found your favorite game this year in the text – write in the comments! Let’s start:

Asphalt Extreme

It seemed that in 2106 th bury and Asphalt series is finally blown away, went to the side runners and went to Java; the confusion and vacillation. In this context, a new issue seemed unnecessary responsibility – Yes, another goofy runner, but this time with some off-road bias, thank you. As it turned out, were all wrong – “Extreme” clicking back the series on a pedestal.

This is a full racing – and Yes, on the road. From the speakers is torn hell of rock, eerie electronics, pricey Land Rover Defender flying at the speed of 200 kmh, and beneath the pipe out of the nozzle flame. The adrenaline flows as if from a punctured tanks, but his hands tremble not – ahead of two rivals, including a huge Bigfoot, which is our “Defoe” – that elephant’s grain.

Between races: tricky tuning, upgrade vehicle fleet and endless war for resources – because the game is shareware, and to pay nobody wants. And yet – brilliant race, an ode to the arcade madness and truly off-road drive. Not the most elegant racing of the year, but the most venturesome. Welcome home, Asphalt.

The Bug Butcher

Now, you might be wrinkling forehead, trying to remember anything associated with these two words, and you did not succeed? Do not worry – because of the diabolical injustice of The Bug Butcher is not received and the share of the popularity that it should have been; the game deserves, to put it mildly, more.

Is such a mixture of runner with platformer – but don’t rush to scroll down. You go ahead, I can a little jump, but the main thing is to shoot. In the power of the external environment (everything happens in the laboratory, where test subjects got out of control), to shoot exclusively up being around bouncy. It looks like this: runs into the room with a scared scientist (their tasks), out popping up all sorts of unpleasant companions. Or some round stuff, or monster, or something worse. You discharge them the Blaster, the creatures are broken up into many smaller creatures you dissect them, raise the bonus, and then fight a huge boss.

All this is enjoyed through absolutely hypnotic panache. The artists managed to draw a magnificent world, and particularly remarkable the background – feels like watching a 3D movie, even though the camera from the side.


Mobile strategy is a myth: it seems like there’s something, and it seems like nothing. Look – some “farm” Yes ports around. Although it would seem – is a space for creativity with his own hands the same turn units. Fortunately, in 2016 for lovers planning was a good time – port in a very very great game, the original less visible, but also cool strategy.

Warbits is an outstanding step-by-step project. You have your own team of funny guys are the enemy – the same set of units, but a different color. You have to reduce its population to zero, but it didn’t disappear: it’s either you or you.

Soldiers to manage easily – move them around the map, attack, defend and do not forget to cover guys weaker. A lot of the nuances: for example, the plane will take the infantry through the whole level, and powerful tanks will be a long trail – but eventually smash everything he touches. Inside the game: a small campaign and outstanding multiplayer. Want to spend a weekend not for unicellular runners – forward in Warbits.

Bully: Anniversary Edition

We specifically did not put the game in places, not to inflame, but if set – it is very likely that the Bully would have been in the first place. Port the best clone of GTA on mobile appeared recently, but has already managed to charm.

This, of course, the most unusual and unusual game about school – troubled teen Jimmy Hopkins, surrounded by notorious villains BULWORTH Academy. Earn credibility, go to class, chase the bullies and try to take control over the entire school – because otherwise life will not. Satirical, but surprisingly accurate statement: especially in the area where Jimmy was trying to meet girls.

And still perfectly working old GTA formula. Educational institution, a small town around your whole site for excesses, but enough stolen bike, kicked the local botany, escaped from police and teachers. Then a break for the biology lessons (“Jimmy, you’re finally here!”), and out of the female Dorm. The typical life of a student from a difficult family in the US, England or Russia.

Space Marshals 2

Stealth action games with isometric camera safely extinct, falling into a common grave with the Commandos – but mobile, old habits resurrected a dead genre, certainly not without technology voodoo.

Space Marshals is the sequel to a popular action, which fold their necks and blow them up with dynamite. But the first is preferable. According to the scenario, mustachioed Marshal runs to hide on a distant planet – but it turns out that there is no rest: all captured by the local bandits. Getting rid of the yoke of the thieves, the police are on to clear the entire space sector from contamination. Despite the machine guns and rocket launchers in the Arsenal, doing it better the old-fashioned way: carefully “shooting” guards, shooting in the head of the “silenced” gun and resorting to tricks. Plus aesthetics: who played the Desperados, he will instantly understand – a sort of Western, but with laser guns and space ship in the garage.

Right now with the price tag game cut 80% and the second part of the great stealth action you can buy for 75 rubles – we would have done it immediately.

Titan Quest

In 2016 there were many ports of cool computer games on mobile platforms – a few regularly appeared in our collection. But, alas, not always the format fits the phone – even if you organize the perfect move, the game may organically “not stand up” – well, because they were made under quite a different sight. The authors of Titan Quest, ten years ago, rivet the best clone of Diablo, probably, did not think on what will play in their project after two five-year plan. Don’t think, but were perfect.

One finger on the screen, the second – lead “runner”. Sometimes the first usocial on red and blue bottles; that’s all. The display, meanwhile, shows some kind of hell: armored centurion beating with a giant centaurs, the ones crashing, spitting the gold things, and next sings cohort shooters satyrs. You deal with scum, wipe the sweat from his forehead free eight fingers and go ahead, even though sitting in Titan Quest for three hours.

A rare combination of mobile and computer principles formula – so not the most, frankly, the big game falls into our list. And yet – what is Greece, Zeus bless her.

Punch Club

The game was made somewhere in the middle of artisanally St. Petersburg courtyards, but it is almost felt – Punch Club is very light, cheerful, bright and cool. No wonder the simulator boxer slim next was noted by all foreign media – well, we certainly should.

You play as a boxer, living in a small town. Outside the window, apparently, the 80s: do you have a “dandy”, a poster of a film star of those fighters, and live under the sewers… but who can live under the hatch in the 80s? That’s it.

Your task – to become the ultimate fighter, but this is just one of dozens of lines going in front of you. In order to win the battle takes a long time to swing, tight and have to sleep a lot – of course, any option to Yes will suffer. And still need money for the scuffle at first will not pay, so get ready to deliver pizza on a scooter. Well, or go to the gangsters – there need strong folks. In the end, the Punch Club over in unpredictable ways: you can become a champion and to rot in prison; it is, of course, not counting premature death from poisoned hamburger.

Punch Club from the number of games that look simple but hold tenaciously – you are guaranteed to fail for a few days, driving the pixel boxer nisodatadictionary the streets of the ‘ 80s. And then come up, breathe and say to yourself, “that was cool.”

Rome: Total War

Potentially, the main mobile project even years and five years, which, unfortunately, slightly spoiled the quality of porting. That doesn’t matter, first “Rome” was (and perhaps remains) the best mark in the triumph series, so that this strategy for iPad – a holiday for all of us, even if the game every ten minutes would have switched to advertising, “in peppa”.

Two layers: one state decide the fate on the second – lead your troops. Both levels – separate games that can be sold in parts. In the first case you build cities, hire troops, droites and quarrel with neighbours, engaged in espionage, and trying to cope with the arrogant Senate. The second is a real RTS with thousands of units, tens of units, death and heroism with an interval of a few seconds.

To manage such a huge company is hard and there are good, is no fault of the authors of the port – just too big a project for your fingers. Suffer: to use pause more often than usual, to lose precious units and periodically to remember that half an hour ago, left a detachment in ambush – and he’s still there he sings. But in any case, the great game is not the most appropriate for that platform.

Kathy Rain

Legend has it that if you do not include not a single quest in such a selection, the genre will finally die – fortunately, we have one decent copy, so no need to pull. Kathy Rain is a wonderful detective story that will remind you simultaneously of “twin Peaks”, and Lavkrafta and even movies of Fincher.

A young student of journalism arrives for the funeral of the mother of his grandfather in the village where grew up small. Soon it becomes clear that the old were killed: some were involved outside forces. It is surrounded by the ‘ 90s, so the girl, armed with a dictaphone and occasional access to the Internet is taken for the investigation – and uncovers a terrible secret in a small community.

The game, of course, will hardly put you in the Christmas mood, but if you are one of those who like to be depressed and to revise during the holidays depressing movie, there’s nothing better – a little mystery, a lot of oppressive atmosphere and a lot of references to movies of our youth.

Assassin’s Creed Identity

The first true Assassin’s Creed mobile: with a scenario open world, the “leap of faith” and other necessary attributes of the series. We play praised the restraint, but for the past year she has become much better – although was nothing.

In fact, it’s a real Assassin’s Creed, just scaled down many times – it makes sense. You wander around the area-the city, work out a contract killing, looking for victims, and then gently run. All the “chips” on the spot – you can hide in a haystack or just run away, having conquered the wall of the period of the Italian Renaissance. For the time that the game tried to conquer the skeptical users, there was, for example, classes and a new campaign – in General, is what to do with myself next week.

In addition, right now “Identification” is one dollar, which is 80% less than usual – given how eagerly inside game accept microtransactions in a hurry to buy cheaper.

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