Perfect ten: the first 10 Apple employees

Unlike many other Apple closely associated with only one person ā€” Steve jobs. That is, jobs turned the “Apple” of the firm into the most expensive technology company in the world. But he didn’t do it alone. In the review from iGate collected information about the first 10 Apple employees: their contribution to the company and the current situation.

In the systematic review involved the first Apple CEO, Michael Scott and co-founder Steve Wozniak, who helped restore the list of the first employees of the company. Employees are not listed by year started, and on the list of Michael Scott, compiled once for accounting.

10. Gary Martin, chief accountant

Martin did not believe in the success of Apple. He believed that the company is doomed to failure, but still joined the team. He remained at Apple until 1983, after which he moved to Starstruck (company travel into space). In subsequent decades, he held the position of technical Director in many companies in Silicon valley. Since December 2013, is chief financial officer of LeoNovus cloud service.

9. Sherry Livingston, the right hand of the Director

Livingston was Secretary in the Apple, but in fact was doing virtually all the paperwork of the company. Michael Scott, who hired her so warmly about this woman and claims that she was indispensable.

8. Chris Espinosa, Intern

Chris Espinosa joined Apple at the age of 14 years. Then he went to school and worked part-time. Today, he still works at Apple. This makes it the absolute champion among the staff. Interestingly, in his blog, Espinoza says that he actually had to get another room. According to him, in the day when Michael Scott numbered employees, Chris stayed in school. When he came to work, the most beautiful rooms I’ve come up other staff.

7. Michael “Scotty” Scott, the first Director of the company

Himself Michael Scott has assigned the number seven, and it also has no relation to the real order of appearance of the employees. Just Scotty is a big fan of “James Bond”, and he wanted to be like 007. He was invited in the Apple Mike Markkula, invested in the company $ 250,000.

6. Randy Wigginton, programmer

At Apple, Randy Wigginton was engaged in that have optimized existing software products for the computers of the company. It is known that he copied the early BASIC programming language so that he worked on the Apple II. After leaving Apple Wigginton worked at the largest technology companies in the world. So, he managed the eBay, Google, Chegg, and Square.

5. Rod Holt, the developer

Rod Holt was quite well-known developer, and to Apple, he at first treated with great skepticism. In the biographical book by Michael Moritz “Return to Apple country” Holt said that jobs had a long time to persuade him to join the company. It is known that Holt later worked on the development of the Apple II power supply. He has brought the company many benefits, but a few years later was fired by the new leadership.

4. Bill Fernandez, engineer

Although bill Fernandez wears the number 4, actually he was the third employee of the company, immediately after the two Steve’s. Fernandez met Steve jobs in Cupertino, with Steve Wozniak, he was a friend since childhood. First in the Apple Fernandez was engaged in the hardware development, and then began to develop the software, still later switched to design user interfaces. The engineer managed to attach the arm to the Apple-1, Apple 2, Macintosh, MacOS, QuickTime, HyperCard and other famous projects of the company.

Fernandez remained at Apple until 1993, but then moved to a company Ingres. He now holds the position of General Director Omnibiotics.

3. Mike Markkula, the man with the money

Without Mike Markkula Apple could never achieve success. It was he who first provided the company with vital investments in the amount of $250 000. For that Markkula got 30% of the young company. He also helped jobs with the preparation of a business plan, invited Michael Scott, the first Director, and insisted Steve Wozniak left Apple when he was thinking of joining HP.

In his youth Markkula was one of the first employees of Intel. For thirty years, he had become a millionaire. $250 000, which he invested in the Apple, was a tenth of his condition. Markkula remained with the company until 1997. He managed to catch the departure and return of Steve jobs. Now Markkula continues to invest in various startups and is also involved in charity work.

2. Steve jobs, founder

Apple founder Steve jobs received from Michael Scott’s number two. Therefore the Director simply made fun of the founder of the company. Scott himself says that he did it, that he was not conceited.

1. Steve Wozniak, the technical expert

The first issue went to Steve Wozniak. I wonder what Wozniak didn’t have to join Apple. He seriously considered the possibility of joining the branch company HP in Oregon. As already mentioned, to make the right choices helped him to Mike Markkula.

Today Steve Wozniak is a living legend in Silicon valley. He is a regular in something invests, delivers lectures and participates in television shows like “Dancing with the stars.”

Bonus: Ronald Wayne, sold his share in Apple for $ 1700.

Initially, Ronald Wayne was a partner with jobs and Wozniak, but decided that it was not for him. In 1977 Mike Markulla bought his share.

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