Personal recommendations Zen earned in Yandex.Browser on iPad

Yandex has announced a browser for the iPad with personalized feed recommendations generated with the use of artificial intelligence technologies. The tape, called Zen, contains links to articles, pictures, videos and other content from the Internet. Now users of Yandex.Browser on tablets Apple can get interesting information selected for each individual.

The new feature became available in the beta version of the browser. Besides displaying the current and long-term interests of the user, and the content on your favorite sites the user, the Zen can also offer content from unfamiliar sources that are potentially interesting topics.

“Despite the variety of online information to find something really interesting not that simple,” said Victor Lambert, head of Yandex.Zen. ā€” Zen solves this problem through technology. In many respects it is similar to a search engine. Only if the search is for something definite, then Zen is responding to the broader query: what is interesting to a specific person. We are confident that in the future all browsers will go the way of personalization to help users select content”.

The tape is based on the knowledge of the browser on the user: what websites he visits, how to evaluate articles and videos from the tape ā€” asks him for “more this” or Vice versa. Yandex.Zen takes into account both constant and current interests. For example, if people begin to read about the architecture, the materials in the tape will be more.

At the same time, Zen is not restricted to your favorite sites and topics. It offers materials from stranger sources on topics that may be of interest. For example, if the user is curious, mark Zuckerberg, Zen can offer him and articles about Elon musk.

Earlier Zen was started in test mode in the browser for iPhone and Android, and desktop versions for Windows. To sign up to participate in testing the iPad version on the page using your Apple ID. Soon the post will receive instruction from the service TestFlight, which is used to distribute beta versions.

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