Photo: hacker jailbreak Apple Watch and set them on the iOS keyboard

As you know, the Apple Watch runs on watch OS operating system ā€“ a modified version of iOS. This means that the operating system is also possible jailbreak.

The developer of jailbreak tweaks under the name Maximehip hacked operating system, watch OS 2 to run unofficial apps. About his achievements he said on Twitter, demonstrating a possible hacked Apple Watch.

While Apple claims about the broad features of the operating system watch OS 2, in fact, the functionality of this software platform greatly curtailed. A hacker managed to bypass all the limitation of the operating system that allowed the use of all available in iOS front-end frameworks.

May 20 Twitter Maximehip appeared the following message: “to celebrate 1000 subscribers soon I will release the first jailbreak tweak for Apple Watch”. Two days later he posted a photo of the Apple Watch and iPhone with a button “Customize” (“customize”). And two days later the developer posted photos Cydia and the iOS keyboard running on Apple Watch. Such, of course, impossible to implement by standard means of a platform watchOS.

According to Maximehip, the installation of the keyboard on the Apple Watch did not deliver special difficulties, but enjoy it quite uncomfortable due to the small size of the screen. About the possibility of the release of publicly available tools to jailbreak “smart” hours, the developer said.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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