Photo: the fingerprint scanner in Samsung Galaxy S7 eventually covered with scratches

Samsung Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge and are among the most advanced Android devices this year. However, this did not guarantee them the absence of unpleasant defects.

Productive hardware Samsung flagships enclosed in a Cabinet of glass and metal, and for the protection of data provides a fingerprint of the finger on the front panel. Usually, users protect your device with cases and films, however the button with integrated biometric module always remains open.

Owners of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge and began to complain that Home key with fingerprint scanner is very easy and quickly scratched even with very careful use. The glass covering the front and back panels virtually impervious to damage and remains intact.

If the iPhone sensor is protected by a heavy-duty sapphire and the display ā€“ less durable tempered glass Ion-X, with the South Korean gadgets, the situation is reversed ā€“ the button is covered by a different, less durable material, and the display is protected by Gorilla Glass 4, virtually impervious to damage.

The main problem is that keys scratched Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge, and worse begin to read biometric data. Emerging over time, scuff the surface of the glass distort the operation of the module and fingerprint sensor goes wrong or does not responds to the touch of a finger.

The owners of Galaxy S7 already asked for comments to Samsung. The company has not commented on the situation.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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